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General References

DoD Dictionary of Military Terms (JP 1-02, Apr 2019)

      • 1994 Edition (more detailed)

      • Military Planning Time Designators (C-day, D-day, H-hour, etc)

Oxford Essential Dictionary of the US Military   • Alt

Military Organization
Hierarchy of military units including map sympbol, size, and rank of commander.   Although the information is for current organizations, much of it is appicable to military forces throughout the modern era.


Miltary History Atlas (US Military Academy)

Map Portal (Naval Postgraduate School)

       • Miltary Maps

History Animated (US wars)

The Map As History (multimedia maps)

Basic Military Map Symbols


A Walk Back Through Time (Wikipedia)
Brief summaries of wars and international crises of interest to this course in reverse chronological order.

Wikipedia: List of Wars     • List of Battles

US Military Operations


Internet Archive Books    • Project Gutenberg    • Scribd

A Short History of War: The Evolution of Warfare and Weapons
Richard A. Gabriel and Karen S. Metz
Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, 1992

The Logistics of War
Beth F. Scott et al (ed)
Maxwell AFB, AL: Air Force Logistics Management Agency, 2000

War, Peace and International Relations: An Introduction to Strategic History   • Alt
Colin S. Gray

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace
Robert A. Devine

America in Vietnam
Dr. John F. Guilmartin

The Oxford History of Modern War
Charles Townshend (ed)

Orchestrating the Instruments of Power
D. Robert Worley
D. Robert Worley, 2008

Geopolitics of the U.S., Part 1: Inevitable Empire
George Friedman
Strategic Forcasting Inc. (Stratfor), 2008

Digital History (American History e-Textbook)
        • Civil War  • World War I  • World War II  • Vietnam War
Steven Mintz (ed)
Columbia University

US Army Center for Military History: Books Online (by war)
   • More CMH Topics  • WW II  • More WW II
   • Vietnam War Studies

American Military History, Vol. I (CMH e-book)       • Vol. II   (1917-2003)
Richard W. Stewart (general editor)
Washington: US Army Center of Military History, 2005

American Military History   (HTML)
Maurice Matloff (editor)
Washington: US Army Center of Military History, 1989

Air Force Historical Studies Office (e-books)

Air University Press (e-books)

Command Concepts: ... the Practice of Command and Control   (case studies)
Builder, Carl H., Steven C. Bankes and Richard Nordin
Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 1999

The Art of War
Sun Tzu
Translated from the Chinese by Lionel Giles, 1910

On War
Carl von Clausewitz (translated by Colonel J. J. Graham)
London: N. Trübner, 1873

Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, from Marathon to Waterloo
Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy, MA (1812-1878)
First published in 1851 (with later editions)
(Links to individual battles courtesy of the Air War College)

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